Central Bark Franchise Opportunity

Why Veterans Make Great Central Bark Dog Day Care Owners

Dog wearing American Flag bandana on grass in front of a lot of american flags

In general, franchises are an excellent opportunity for aspiring business owners, but veterans are uniquely qualified for this step into entrepreneurship. Operating a franchise successfully requires hard work, determination, and leadership, which members of military tend to possess inherently. Succeeding in a brand’s mission also requires that franchise owners work within a proven system and business model while properly executing on their training. Veterans are no strangers to operating under these conditions and have the decision-making ability to thrive and succeed as small business owners.

And thanks to the unique skill set that veterans possess, they can enter, flourish, and thrive in a franchise business in an industry in which they may have no prior experience. That’s why even though veterans only make up 7% of the country’s population, 14% of all franchisees are veterans. Military experience includes leading and motivating people, improving processes, and accomplishing a defined mission. Like the military, successful franchisees and employees accomplish the mission with a team.

At Central Bark, we believe a commitment to our nation’s veterans goes far beyond corporate social responsibility, patriotism, and supporting our heroes. For us, it can be a proven pathway to attracting some of the best and brightest prospective franchisees who have a skillset uniquely matched to our business model. It’s about providing a runway to financial independence and family success after military service is completed. Dedication, perseverance, and discipline imparted by years of military service combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of those veterans seeking franchise opportunities makes for a perfect combination, and we know it!

With the growing pet care market expected to reach approximately $232.14 billion by 2030, it is clear entering the pet industry as a franchise business owner can be a great opportunity that delivers yearly growth and expansion.

If you are interested in pursuing a dog day care franchise with Central Bark, be sure to check out our Central Bark Franchising site for FAQs, Why Choose Us and Next Steps pages.