Central Bark Franchise Opportunity

Why the Pet Industry?

Woman playing with dog

The pet industry allows animal lovers not only the chance to work and play with dogs, but also the ability to work in a field that they are passionate about. Let’s face it – it can be hard to find a job that combines what you love with what you do. But not at Central Bark. Spending your days owning a Central Bark makes your career path and your work experience that much more rewarding.

The pet industry’s growth rate is extraordinary and shows no signs of slowing down. In 2021 alone, a record breaking $123 billion was spent on pets and that number continues to grow. In fact, according to the American Pet Products Association, 70% of U.S. households own a pet and 69 million of those homes own a dog. Over the past five years, pet care, grooming and training services have been the fastest-growing segments in the pet services industry. And on top of that, a whopping 95% of Americans consider their pet to be a member of the family.

With the pet industry projected to grow to $358 billion by 2027, now is the ideal time to consider owning a Central Bark franchise. Let’s face it, pets are taking on the role of children for many Americans now. This is particularly true for Millennials and younger generations who continue to delay marriage and are having fewer kids. As pet owners continue to humanize their pets, they’re willing to spend more money on premium pet care and other pet related products.

Because dogs are becoming more of an integral member of a family unit, pet parents want to purchase the best products and services for their pup. Enter Central Bark. At Central Bark we provide a place for dogs to socialize, exercise and stimulate their minds. Dogs, as we know, are naturally social animals and pet parents are realizing the need to raise well-behaved and healthy pups requires a lot of work, very similar to a child attending school.

Furthermore, the pet industry has proven to be incredibly recession and pandemic resistant. In fact, even through COVID, pet expenditures grew to an all-time high reaching $123 billion because pet parents were not willing to sacrifice spending less on their loved ones. This increase in pet expenditures over the past few decades demonstrates the reliable growth of the pet industry through good and bad economic times.

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