Central Bark Franchise Opportunity

Which Central Bark Ownership Model is Right for You?

Central Bark Franchise Owner smiling with two dogs at the front of a Central Bark location.

Franchising is a unique business model because it allows entrepreneurs to follow a proven and successful system while still maintaining and cultivating their entrepreneurial spirit that drove them to become small business owners in the first place. By removing some of the roadblocks involved in starting a business from scratch and the effort needed to build a brand following, new franchise owners can really jump right in to running a business instead of creating one.

However, deciding what kind of franchise owner you want to be is an important first step in the process. When it comes to Central Bark, there are typically two general business ownership models we subscribe to and those are outlined below. If you’re interested in learning about Central Bark’s ownership options in the dog day care franchise space, be sure to check out our Central Bark Franchising website and fill out our online application form so we can reach back out to you with more information.   


When you think of franchising, this is probably the most common form of ownership. Owner-operator means the business owner is hands-on and fully involved in the process of running the business. When it comes to day-to-day operations, owner-operators are there to manage and make decisions, engage with customers, and be completely involved with everything happening in their location. If you are new to franchising or business ownership, this is a great option to consider. This can also be an ideal option for those looking to make a complete career change, but still want the comradery and ability to work alongside employees every day.

But remember, although franchising helps remove some of the barriers needed to establish a business, the work does not stop there. Once the doors open to a Central Bark, the best franchise owners are present and putting in the effort to ensure its success. The support, training, systems, and guidance that Central Bark provides will help guide you through the process, but you will be investing significant time and effort to get your business running efficiently and smoothly.


Compared to the owner-operator model, the investment owner is at the other end of the spectrum. Aptly named, this type of dog day care franchise owner is not immersed in the day-to-day operations of their location(s). This type of ownership is ideal for those looking for an investment opportunity. Ideally, investment owners have a large degree of business or ownership experience, which allows them to fully understand the inner working of running a business, even from a distance. 

This type of ownership model would require you to enlist the help of a manager(s) and teams of employees to run day-to-day operations but would still require you to take control of big decisions while navigating business strategy.

For more information on franchise ownership, visit centralbarkusa.com/franchising