Central Bark Franchise Opportunity

Three Questions with Franchisee Matt Sander, Sussex, WI

Central Bark Franchise Owner Matt Sander, Sussex WI

Why Central Bark?

Five years ago, I decided to invest in Central Bark because I needed a change of pace. I knew I needed to find a different career path that would allow me to determine my own destiny and be in business for myself, but not by myself. I was a mechanic prior to my decision to become a Central Bark franchisee and the toll it was taking on my body was just too great. I had always volunteered at the Humane Society and had this incredible passion for dogs and when I realized that I could make it my career to work with dogs while becoming a small business owner and provide for my family, it was essentially destiny.

Why Sussex?

I’m from Sussex. It’s where we call home so there is a special connection we have with our customers. Central Bark is all about creating a community around dogs and I’m able to do that every day through my business. Owning a Central Bark allows me to get out into the community and become a resource for those who need us instead of just sitting on the sidelines.

What has Central Bark helped you achieve?

With a limited background in business, Central Bark was able to provide me with the systems, tools, training and ongoing support to become a successful small business owner. The programs that Central Bark set us up with when I became a franchisee and continue to provide, allowed me to excel in networking, communication, and the management of the business. Central Bark has surpassed my expectations and allowed me to achieve the personal financial freedom I once only dreamed of. For more information on franchise ownership, visit centralbarkusa.com/franchising.